Volume 2, Issue 3

August 2015                                                                   By Prof. Jimmy Yun (PrinSus, UNSW Australia)

Electroless Metal Plating – A New Era

A new generation of electroless copper plating solution process that can reduce plating time by more than 100% has been developed. Based on fundamental solution chemistry and focusing on limiting the side reactions involved in an electroless copper plating process, it is possible to overcome the current formulation dilemma of using high doses of stabilizing agent to ensure plating stability which sacrifices plating speed. The rapid growth of plastic electronic components used in our computers and mobile devices has created great opportunity for further optimization of the current electroless metal plating industry. New products that can enhance production efficiency and meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) are highly desirable.

In addition to electroless copper plating solutions, electroless nickel and gold solutions are also available; all products have demonstrated good stability and efficiency over an extended period of time at the current industrial trial stage.

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