Welcome to the homepage of the Asia-Pacific Society for Process Intensification and Sustainability (APSOCPIS). The APSOCPIS was launched during the Opening Ceremony of the first Asia-Pacific Symposium on Process Intensification and Sustainability (APSPIS 2014) in Changzhou, China on 10th May 2014 by Prof. Neil Foster. Prof. Robert Langer accepted the invitation to be the Inaugural Patron of APSOCPIS. Prof. Langer’s commitment to Process Intensification and Sustainability (PI & S) will provide enormous impetus to the development, acceptance and commercialisation of this aspect of Green Chemistry, Engineering & Applied Science. The aim of having the APSOCPIS forum is to provide an opportunity for all researchers with expertise in this area to share their views and opinions on PI & S. Researchers, industrialists and other interested professionals are encouraged to subscribe to our newsletters to enable our PI & S community to keep up to date with PI & S issues and to share any updates or events from their research groups and companies.